Your New Roleplaying Game Adventure Begins Here!

Beyond the hills and past the mountains, many stories await! Step into the mist adventurer and rise to your thousand names as the bard songs sing of your deeds and might! Join our Roleplaying Game Community and reach another level!

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Guiding newcomers to the hobby, so they find their spot in the Roleplaying games community and build new unique experiences is what moves us to create opportunities and spaces for everybody in the roleplaying community.

Arm Yourself!

Adventure awaits! Thus, you will need equipment to face the unknown perils and wonders that await in your journey. Visit our armoury and arm yourself with relics crafted by ancient and wise Heralds of the realms you are about to discover.

Product Lines

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For New and Advance Players & DMs

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  A sword corners you, would you face reality and embrace fantasy in the process? Is up to you to rise to the challenge, answer the Herald's call!

What do you do?

Our Events bring the community from the region together under the same roof and around a bonfire of stories. In addition, our curated group of storytellers or Dungeon Masters provides a safe space for people to gather and be part of a fantastic roleplaying collective experience filled with grandeur, whimsy, melancholy, or whatever the game's theme they run projects.

Community & Social Initiative

Heralds of Gaehenna it's committed to using roleplaying games as an alternative method of engaging troubled youths our compromise to the betterment of our immediate Society drives us to use this form of Art teach educate and help people of all classes and ages. Among our projects is using role-playing games acts as an academic tool to help children and teenagers who are struggling with their educational environment.


Heralds of Gehenna provide services to grow the interest in literature and creative development thru stories and interaction. Because of this we have prepared several workshops on different game lines & genres. That is to say, we see rich experiences of storytelling as a torch that must be passed on. After all, Every squire must be kindle into a brave knight!

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Our tabletop RPG original content can range from modules to blog articles and more! Here you can find tools and guides to bring a fun and engaging experience both for you and, friends.


Our video-conferences prepare new Game Masters or Storytellers to bring the magic of Tabletop Roleplaying games out into the world! From general advice, game guides, world-building, and cartography. Not only that but also we provide amazing audiovisual and personal aid for new and old game masters independently of the genre or system.

Discord Server

The Heralds of Gehenna Discord Server is a meeting point for the Tabletop Roleplaying Community. A safe space to discuss and engage with like-minded people who share an interest in the hobby.

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Who are We?

Who are we? We are a collective of Dungeon Masters, Storytellers, and creators that have actively built RPGs Communities for over 10 years. We create content that assists new Game Masters to create the best experiences in their games. Players will find tutorials and advice on many subjects like how to turn their role-playing to eleven, help build the best table experience, game systems and, more.

Over a dozen of RPG aid products to date.
Years of Combined Experience Building Roleplaying Experiences
Events Made