Who are We?

Who are we, you ask? We are a collective of Dungeon Masters, Storytellers, and creators that have actively built RPGs Communities for over 10 years. We create content that assists new Game Masters to create the best experiences in their games. Players will find tutorials and advice on many subjects like how to turn their role-playing to eleven, help build the best table experience, game systems and, more.

Our events bring communities together under a common hobby in a safe space where people can explore and enjoy a myriad of games.

Heralds of Tome & War

Herald of the Green Wind

Sebastian P.

Boggan Changeling

Circa 2013, with a starting set of Pathfinder and borrowed dice, I ran a one-shot and a follow-up session the week after. Tasting for the first time the hobby I have wanted to join since I watched the Dexter’s Lab "D&DD" episode. It would not be until two years later when I dive fully into the hobby, starting my journey as a Dungeon Master in both Pathfinder and Dungeon & Dragons 5E.
Afterward, I learned from games beyond these two; from the World of Darkness game lines, Cthulhu, to Mouse Guard, and more. Eventually, I started seeking games that spoke to me, in genres like fantasy, and folklore. Consequently, my will to improve and build a community lead me to become the Herald of the Green Wind; to take minds filled with a sense for adventure beyond this young puzzle world into old worlds with strange hungers.

Herald Camilo

Camilo M.

Black Bearded Dwarf

I got serious about Roleplaying Games back in 2000. Subsequently, the Curse of the Eternal GM got me barely two weeks after. In the 20 years since I haven't stopped Game Mastering for more than six months (a couple of times). I have always been partial to prolonged campaigns, complex plots, and loved and hated NPCs that come in and out of the main story, when it is pertinent; I focus on narrative and character development. My specialties are D&D 3rd Edition, homebrew material and WOD, revised 2nd Edition, mainly Hunter: The Reckoning and Demon: The Fallen. Anyhow, in 2014 I opened a hobby store and, saw the roleplaying community the heralds helped sow thrive and keep growing years after the store closed. I only want to keep learning, about new systems and games, meeting old colleagues and new players, and sharing and welcoming the latter to this wonderful art.




I am a passionate roleplayer since 2002. I started my journey as most people do... By being introduced to Dungeons & Dragons. There I truly enjoyed myself as a player for quite some years with various friends and Heralds until I started wanting to create my own stories to share them. I have read a myriad of books from almost every edition, settings, and pre-generated campaigns; and with them, I had mad fun. It was in 2014 that I let myself get trapped by "World of Darkness" touring some game lines like Vampire the Mascarade and Werewolf the Apocalypse, yet those games were only a bridge to get to the genre I enjoy the most... Cosmic Horror and its flagship The Call of Cthulhu. All this and more lead me to put in my grain of sand to the community created by Heralds of Gaehenna by joining their events and endeavors.

Ale R

Ale R.

The one who started at LOTR

Immersed in the world of tabletop role-playing games for 13 years, I started playing a Final Fantasy campaign for a few months. Hungry for more about this new world and without a party to play on, I acquired a role-playing book and began directing my childhood friends, thus obtaining my first experience as a storyteller in 2009 with the MERP system, the campaign lasted 2 and a half years. By 2015, having already familiarized various systems deeply I started a new story, but this time it was in the distant Emerald Empire with the legend of The Five Rings. Also around this time I met a large role-playing community in my city, it was there that I played for the first time D&D, Pathfinder, Star Wars Saga, and Hunter: The Reckoning, games that with time I began to ran. Currently being a member of the Heraldos del Gaehennah, one of my goals is to strengthen and encourage the role in different social niches so that it is accessible to more people.

Heralds of Fear & Intrigue

Herald David C.

David C.

A Gnome

As the second herald, I got into Roleplaying games in the early 2000s when I abandoned my Gnome village deep in the woods. I started where most people do Dungeon and dragons, I tried different games here and there from Palladium to WoD. It was not until a faithful RPG event when I was put in charge of a Vampire the Mascarade table out of the blue and I was forced to get into the game that will become my forte. After that day I delved into terror games, especially the former. Since then I have explored and specialized in games along those lines, terror, horror, supernatural, and mystery, improving my storyteller’s skills. Games like: witchcraft, Cthulhu, in dark Alleys, etc…. Joining the Heralds has been an amazing journey and what we have achieved until now is only the beginning.

David M

David M.

Underground Wizard

I started in 2013 with D&D (like almost everyone who jumps into this world), a couple of bad experiences kept me away from playing. A couple of years after those events I find myself with a new chance to play a different game, Vampire the Masquerade, I was introduced to the World of Darkness and I felt compelled by the system and lore of the game, soon after I find out about Mage the Ascension and it has become my #1 game (thank you 'Satyros' Phil Brucato for such a masterpiece). I got serious about Storytelling in 2018, I've been grinding through creating worlds, creating my lore, and shaping my reality in Table Top Games, that's why you can call me "The Herald of Broken Realities".


Nayib E.

Noble from a Long Lost Kingdom

Both the youngest and the lowest level Herald, I came to know TTRPGs in 2012 and played on and off for years. By 2018 I delved into the hobby fully. Since then, I have built strong connections with the community and played with many experienced game directors. A lot of potential has gathered in roleplaying niche. Therefore, I joined the Heralds, to help guide the hobby to new heights. I have run games ever since I started playing, with varying results. I’m a big fan of the World of Darkness, more than any other systems and setting I've tried; for me, storytelling triumphs over mechanics. My first love was Mage: the Ascension, which I still prefer it to this day. It's my personal goal to do a lot more Storytelling, shooting for consistency. I am also trying to broaden my horizons and try out new systems and ways of playing.

Herald Mari

Maria P.

Sinner of the System

I have wandered around the world playing roleplaying games since 2011, I love darkness and science fiction, my essence finds a comfort zone in the games line of World of Darkness, Cyberpunk, Call of Cthulhu, Kult, Haunted House, among others.
Because of that, I build a deep relationship with the horror RPG communities on several continents and engaged with groups in several cities. In 2020 when Heralds of Gehenna crossed my path with an offer to take my crusade of a global community to a new horizon. I joined because, in the end, what is light without dark?
From now on you can call me The Herald of the Dark Essence.

Heralds of Genes & Duty

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Armando O.


The oldest of the gathered I played since I was 13, now 40, playing close to 28 years now. I still take the time to delve into imagination and find freedom with the worlds we create. I have had exciting adventures both as a player and a DM; I have knife fought godly avatars atop speeding ghost trains that billowed out green smoke. I have conducted symphonies while my players battled roaring dragons and storming armies. I have cursed, smiled, laughed, and have had fun. For me, that is the exact point. The notches on my RPG belt include Advanced DnD, Savage Worlds, World of Darkness, Chronicles of Darkness, The Call of Cthulhu (Tsr and Chaosium Inc.), even a homebrew system by an old teacher of mine called Parthenon, among many others. My role in the heralds consists of helping with logistics and sometimes pitching ideas and even participating in a couple of events as a GM. I hope to keep contributing what I can to expand the reach of the hobby that I so enjoy.

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Rennasaince Artist

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Herald Ela


Legal Advisor

Voracious reader and writer in the making. I got to know Dungeons and Dragons at the end of 2004. Since then, role-playing games have had space in my life. I love the possibility to live other lives, the pleasure of crafting the details of each character, and the way stories become a collective creation during the campaign. I believe in the inherent magic of the words we say to ourselves, and those we share with others. I have faith in Role-playing as a way to exercise our imagination, tolerance, team-play, and empathy. Therefore, I am convinced that each person must have the opportunity to role-play at least once in their life.