From thematic fantasy, horror, and cyberpunk roleplaying gatherings, soft combat to amazing workshops and collaboration with industry favorite houses!

World of Darkness Day Event - April of 2020

The second celebration of the World of Darkness game lines, expanding on game lines offered.

This two day was aligned with the international World of Darkness Day event. Continuing with the theme introduced on the first version of the WoD Day one year before, the session revolved around the history and events of the country from the 1800s to modern times.

The experience of nursing a game with the culture and history of a country was rewarding for us and the attendees/players. For the 2021 version, we are already planning something even better

World of Darkness Day Event - April of 2019

A celebration of the World of Darkness game lines, under a collaborative metaplot involving the country's history, cities, and all creatures of the night.

This was the first version ever made of the World of Darkness Day, an international event played simultaneously in many countries. We set our goals high! Building on the region’s lore and setting games around major historic events, from carnivals to famous figures and dates. Besides, setting them thru different decades and even centuries, having one party’s game set ripple effects on others.

Soft Combat - 2014

Every Roleplayer will try LARP and soft combat sooner or later... We decided to make something out of it and build upon it.

Getting into everything that is replated to roleplaying naturally, it was a matter of time until we created a LARP community. We started small with soft combat to interest people while we created lore around the tournaments.

The community showed more interest in the sports side of the events, combat techniques, and fighting styles, over the roleplaying aspect. Hence, a soft combat community was born.

The Beginnings - 2010 & 2011

The Wee Beginnings... Perhaps in a tavern...

Back in 201O & 2011, we started attending anime and manga conventions where we made presentations, workshops, dramatic narration, and a simple system to get people to play roleplaying games for the first time in their lives. Many of the role-players that came to be important in the community over these two years, started playing in these events.