Our Why

Our North

Guiding newcomers to the hobby, to the end that they find their place in the community and build new amazing experiences. This is what moves us to create opportunities  and spaces for everybody in the role-playing community.

Our Mission

To achieve acknowledgement for creating awesome and engaging stories and never-imagined settings. To share our imagination with the world and use it to provide an entertainment experience.

Our Vocation

We strive to develop interesting and fun roleplaying material that anyone can use on their campaigns and stories. Therefore, our efforts are driven to the betterment of our social environment using role-playing games.

Our Passion

We love to write stories and build games that appeal to everyone. We keep good narrative and coherency in mind to create the best source materials.

Our Profession

We are providers of content and source material. Thus, helping Game Masters and Storytellers achieve new heights.

Our Ikigai

To create roleplaying material and tools that ease and bring quality to the players and community experience.